Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Partial reveal.

Ok, so here is what i have managed to type up out of my journal. It is still a little rough and fragmented. But, hopefully there will be more to follow within the coming weeks.

[Needs breaking down further, laying into a script for a graphic novel]

“The gravitational force glues the ashes into new structures, and the universe can be rebuilt” – NewScientist, Issue no: 2887, Lisa Grossman.

A fractal Universe Plot developments: Time: Present, Post, Prior, During… Chronological gaps?

Character plots:
- Concept of love, human degradation creating the laws for the universe (Conflict), echoes of consciousness left behind, Recursion.
- We can perceive of the universe but the universe cannot perceive of us.
- A lone consciousness is left; absorbed by the (Dark Matter) Phenomenon and is used to structure the next universe. (Possible personification of a Niestchian theory)
- Develop exorbitant emotions through the link between the character and the universe.
- Impose the universal logic behind duality by utilising the conscious entity.

- What people view as our soul is the physical form of our consciousness, structured in Dark Matter?
- What if everything was a reflection of itself, possible development with the ‘Holographic Principle’~ pure abstraction?
- This doesn’t derive that we are a ‘fake’ universe but intrinsically opposite to the ‘reflected world’.
- What if ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Dark Energy’ can provide the key to understanding the truth behind consciousness? For example; what if Consciousness and the physical world are dualistic and that Objective physicality is an augmentation of consciousness projected (An abstraction of the holographic principle).
- Maybe this idea supposes a ‘fractal’ universe a universe that along the spectrum of its “fracticity” creates dimensions (For example: The first, second, third, fourth…) and so we are positioned within the third dimension.
- The ‘Quasi-Rip’, the backbone for the story. - Substance and Process ontology. - An atom is a relationship among self-replicating rhythm of energy.
- There is no essence of life, life is a collection of processes; self-replicating reactions.

Possible Chapter order/plan:
The Fractal Universe, Grounding, Dark Matter and Consciousness, Quasi-Rip, The Dualistic Singularity, The Seed of Rebirth, Phoenix Rise, Birth, Collective/Dichotomy, The Conscious Echo, Laws and Human Existence, Emotional Hologram, The Fractal Multiverse.

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