Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fractal... The image.

Ok, so this was a quick piece. It seems i don't have that much time spare as of late. So i figured that i'd try and brighten myself up by working on a mock design for the story. I'm unsure what it would be used for, i kinda just let myself 'go' in photoshop and illustrator.

Friday, 9 November 2012


I have finally completely the image in the previous post. Here it is:

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A quick mock up.

Here is a quick mock up of something that have been working on. Just rushed the colour out as an example piece. Not too 'shabby' for a thirty minute job.

Partial reveal.

Ok, so here is what i have managed to type up out of my journal. It is still a little rough and fragmented. But, hopefully there will be more to follow within the coming weeks.

[Needs breaking down further, laying into a script for a graphic novel]

“The gravitational force glues the ashes into new structures, and the universe can be rebuilt” – NewScientist, Issue no: 2887, Lisa Grossman.

A fractal Universe Plot developments: Time: Present, Post, Prior, During… Chronological gaps?

Character plots:
- Concept of love, human degradation creating the laws for the universe (Conflict), echoes of consciousness left behind, Recursion.
- We can perceive of the universe but the universe cannot perceive of us.
- A lone consciousness is left; absorbed by the (Dark Matter) Phenomenon and is used to structure the next universe. (Possible personification of a Niestchian theory)
- Develop exorbitant emotions through the link between the character and the universe.
- Impose the universal logic behind duality by utilising the conscious entity.

- What people view as our soul is the physical form of our consciousness, structured in Dark Matter?
- What if everything was a reflection of itself, possible development with the ‘Holographic Principle’~ pure abstraction?
- This doesn’t derive that we are a ‘fake’ universe but intrinsically opposite to the ‘reflected world’.
- What if ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Dark Energy’ can provide the key to understanding the truth behind consciousness? For example; what if Consciousness and the physical world are dualistic and that Objective physicality is an augmentation of consciousness projected (An abstraction of the holographic principle).
- Maybe this idea supposes a ‘fractal’ universe a universe that along the spectrum of its “fracticity” creates dimensions (For example: The first, second, third, fourth…) and so we are positioned within the third dimension.
- The ‘Quasi-Rip’, the backbone for the story. - Substance and Process ontology. - An atom is a relationship among self-replicating rhythm of energy.
- There is no essence of life, life is a collection of processes; self-replicating reactions.

Possible Chapter order/plan:
The Fractal Universe, Grounding, Dark Matter and Consciousness, Quasi-Rip, The Dualistic Singularity, The Seed of Rebirth, Phoenix Rise, Birth, Collective/Dichotomy, The Conscious Echo, Laws and Human Existence, Emotional Hologram, The Fractal Multiverse.

A mental explosion!

It wasn't too long back that i was sat in a cafe reading the latest issue of the NewScietist magasine. When, suddenly the article that i was reading gave me an (In my opinion) incredible idea! Although, im not going to reveal much in this post because it is mostly still raw. Once i have finished typing this idea up alongside a little research, all will be revealed.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A quick design.

Just a quick update. It still needs work. Though, this is what i have got so far. I like the tone and texture to the image. But... it feels like something is missing.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Update on the graphic series:

The most recent deviation of digital ink:

A little teaser.

Here is a short abstraction of the short story i am working on: The rain swallows me. It nullifies any surge of emotion. It is like the world is recounting its time and blanketing us with the forgotten memories of the day. The cold-moisture falls down the pits of my face; it quivers and jumps to the floor, where it smashes itself into the ground. Loss is something that is all too familiar. Loss… it’s like I never had it in the first place, because all that I remember is a silhouette, a reflection. This feeling will always bare a notch in the fracture of my mind; a notch, it resonates with each step that I take across this cobbled floor. It makes a resounding ‘clack’ with each step, echoing the fortitude of my tired feet. The ability to continue is frenetic. Yet, for now I can feel solace as the sky calms me; only, for the moment. You have to wonder, is it only in these momentary times that we can encapsulate everything. Encapsulate the world. Hold it, tighten our grip, crush it and throw it away like the trash that it is. For me at least, I find it somewhat human to envision and cast my nihilistic moods onto the world. Portray my own cynical clich├ęs as the epoch of each culture. Mould and materialise my own little characters out of each society that I can point, prod and destroy at my own whim. With this I usually find control. It pushes my world back into balance. But, recently I have not been allowed, this precious ritualistic dismember of my conscious vision has been taken from me; torn away by the stupidity of each individual that I meet. When I realise that everybody I am surrounded by are too unintelligent to even consider a worthy opponent; it makes the kill taste sour and pointless. My name is Jacob… Jacob Maverint and I am lost.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Yet again.

Heres another banner/graphic. It's all i seem to make just lately.

Friday, 29 June 2012

The animation

Here is a short animation that i created to exspose my dissertation in its simplicity. I aimed to quantify all the theories within the dissertation and mould them to form a "tool" to help me sculpt and develop my work.

The last year or so...

This is a collated document of the last year of my course... Mw Major Project